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UK Company Formation - Information on company registration and incorporating a business. A range of formations options and packages available.

Business Link - Advice on selecting a suitable business structure and on incorporating a company.

Register a UK Company - Information, guidance and advice on how to register a company in the UK. Practical resources and links to useful websites.

Companies House - The Registrant of all UK company registration applications.

UKCorporator - Business registration services offering online company formations and registration services.

BBC Consumer - Start a Business - Articles on Starting a Business as a limited company and advice on tax and national insurance.

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Company registrations in the UK account for a significant proportion of business start ups. The attraction of setting up a company lies with the opinion that limited companies offer protection and status which other business types lack.

There is a large range of company formation packages available which cater for those requiring a basic package to those wishing to register a company with other optional features including. These include registered office address, mail forwarding, and nominee services and so on.

Recent research suggests that company registration is set to balloon over the forthcoming years as cultural and work place changes, particularly where computerisation and other technological advances are imminent. The absence of a “job for life ethos, together with the internet will result in increased numbers of people regarding company formations as the means to progress.

Register a company onlineOnline Company Registration

The internet is now the primary means of registering a company. The introduction of Online incorporation has meant that setting up limited companies now takes hours instead of weeks. Also, a company registration can be purchased for less than £25 as thus is likely to encourage individuals to have a go” at starting a business, perhaps even several times, should the initial attempts prove to be unsuccessful.

Online company set-up is likely to face increased regulation as the government, both national and regional, attempt to curtail the parallel rise in online fraud. Dishonest behaviour sometimes involves the setting up a UK limited company in order to put some distance between the online perpetrators and their acts.

If you think that company registration may be something which might aid your plans for the future, visit our resources section for additional sites on company formation and related areas.

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